Interview with Mahlimae

Go out to the garden, sneak under the ivy and listen ever so quietly for the whispers of echoes. Fear not these little creatures, for they have untold gifts within and timeless secrets drawing you into their world, a world that Nicole Watt aka Mahlimae connected to when she was very young. These tiny beings whispered for her to bring them to life and now we can all share in their exquisite presence.

My favourite things are coming together this January, beinArt gallery and Mahlimae, for her solo show Lost souls of the Erlking. The details of the King’s story can’t go untold and we were lucky enough to have an in-depth chat with Nicole. We spoke about the origins of the story, the beginnings of her creations and delved into the journey of bringing this fable to life.

“For me, he is the harbinger of loss, the plunderer of innocence, the indistinct faceless predator concealed in each psyche. It was the capacity he holds for vampirizing innocence and twisting the child-like heart into a blinded thing whilst society turned away, that connected me with this character on a deeply personal level…I have met this creature before, many times.” —Mahlimae

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