Interview with Redd Walitzki

Suspend disbelief and escape into a botanically-infused dreamscape inhabited by enchanting, feminine sprites.  Through an ornamental proscenium you enter a world bewitched with undertones of fantasy and magical overlays, the other-worldliness of it all masking the historical basis for the stories there told. This is the world of Seattle-based figurative-artist, Redd Walitzki.

Walitzki’s art is immediately identifiable upon entering the gallery or, as is the case these days, without even clicking to enlarge.  Her pieces are self-framing, with delicately intricate and intricately delicate designs cut into the surface of each painting. The aesthetic is one reminiscent of antiquity yet executed with modern, laser technology.  Each piece mysteriously appears to hover two inches from the wall, as if by magic, accentuating the fantastical ambience and casting an ornamental shadow on the wall behind, creating a sense of depth and dimension.

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