Alessandro Boezio - "Deep Inside Series 3" - White ceramic, acrylic and synthetic coating - 14 x 15 x 20cm (5.5"x5.9"x7.9")

Alessandro Boezio - "Deep Inside Series 3" - White ceramic, acrylic and synthetic coating - 14 x 15 x 20cm (5.5"x5.9"x7.9")

$3,400.00 AUD
$3,400.00 AUD

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Deep Inside Series 3

White ceramic, acrylic and synthetic coating

Sculpture size: 14 x 15 x 20 cm (5.5" x 5.9" x 7.9")

Alessandro Boezio, Foggia 1983, lives and works in Milan. Multifaceted sculptor,he experiments with artistic forms in an intriguing game between  true  and  illusory . The poetics of the impossible and the philosophy of the artificial, the optical deception of mimesis and the search for grotesque connections merge into works characterized by metaphorical allusion and conceptual practice. From the interpretation of archetypal symbols and mythological tales, he  shapes bizarre anatomies  in sculptures made of multiple materials, generating environmental installations characterized by the interaction between sculpture and golden thread. Since 2012 he has been working on  Stranatomie,  a cycle of sculptures and installations inspired by the mythological tales of the Metamorphoses narrated by Ovid as in  Aracne Futura , 2012, a sculptural installation exhibited at the  Pino Pascali Museum Foundation,  Polignano, Bari , and Pleiàdes , 2014, exhibited at the Macro Pelanda, Rome . Since 2015 he has been working on a series of works conceived in close comparison with the Renaissance frescoes painted by Pietro Da Cemmo in Crema, thus creating a series of works entitled  Scaramanzia exhibited at the Fondazione Teatro San Domenico in Crema. His work has been exhibited in exhibitions and projects in Belgium, England, Spain, Germany and the United States.  

An artist of versatile creativity, he creates an incredible number of materials, he creates precious sculptures, installations and original works, each infused by a rich vein of humor. He transforms reality by "to be re-used, everything is re-adaptable". His works often show a strong bond with nature, bizarre in its micro and macro figuration. At the same time, Boezio pays a clear homage to technology with its useless knick knacks that man seems practically unable to do without. His work has been shown in exhibitions, and projects in Germany, Spain, England, Belgium, USA.

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