Miles Johnston - 'Dichotomy' - graphite on Moleskin paper - 13 x 21cm (5"x8.2")

Miles Johnston - 'Dichotomy' - graphite on Moleskin paper - 13 x 21cm (5"x8.2")

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Graphite on Moleskin paper

Drawing size: 13 x 21cm (5" x 8.2")


Miles Johnston was born in the UK and spent a few years of his early childhood living in Brunei, Borneo. After getting involved in art forums as a young teenager and teaching himself for 5 years, he moved to Sweden to study at the Swedish Academy of Realist Art at the age of 18. Now Miles works part-time as an instructor at the same school whilst working on developing his own body of work. Over the past couple of years his work has found an audience online and started to be exhibited internationally, culminating in his first solo show in New York at Last Rites Gallery in 2018.

Johnston works primarily in graphite and oils, using the human form as a vehicle to attempt to process the intensity and profound strangeness of the collective human experience. The distortions and transformations his figures undergo serve to represent the experience of our internal state during crucial moments in our lives. Instead of focusing on literal representations of the world, he depicts the surreal and abstract qualities of our subjectivity with the goal of creating works with a deep emotional resonance.

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