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Julian Clavijo

Julian Clavijo is an international renowned artist, born in Colombia, living and working in Melbourne since 2008. A painter and sculptor since a very early age, Julian is interested in urban space transformation and his work from large public installations to intimate portraits, reflects a keen eye for colour, pattern and realism. Currently his studio practice is based on capturing the human face of transnational conflict around the world, focussing on vulnerable civilian populations and the innocence of children in war, translating this into the empathetic reflection of  joyful childhood as it should be. 

Julian is an award-winning artist and his works are found in private and public collections in more than 28 countries around the world. Julian’s practice ranges from hand sculpting to visual works to paintings and large public art pieces. In 2008, He graduated with honours from a Bachelor of Advertising at the Universidad International de las Americas in Costa Rica. Following this, in 2011 he completed a Masters of Arts (Art in Public Space) at RMIT University in Melbourne, during which he focused on urban space transformation through applied research into pattern and colour shifts in the urban landscape.

His peculiar quasi-photorealistic style is widely recognised for his detailed large oil painting portraits of children, engaging the viewer in an introspective, emotional and reflective manner depicting the innocence of his subject matter.

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