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Henry Royales - "Purple Is My Favorite Color" - oil on canvas - 45.7 cm X 61cm (18"x24")

Henry Royales - "Purple Is My Favorite Color" - oil on canvas - 45.7 cm X 61cm (18"x24")


Purple Is My Favorite Color

Oil on canvas

45.7 cm X 61 cm (18" x 24")


As an artist, Henry Royales perceives the world in a surreal, and somehow gloom shrouded concept. His works often depict dream like apparitions and illusions merging into a dark atmosphere of night and the mind’s inner stillness. His body of paintings usually mingles into the visual renditions of life, death, love, sorrow and human despair. Often transforming into a recurring imagery of spontaneous nightmares, the artist explains that scaring people and causing moments of dread through his artworks is not his main intention or ironically, is not even intentional at all. Royales stresses that his works often show the immortal conflict between man’s dark and light side, fighting over the dominion of human actions and thought. Be it vanity, temptation, or even the corrupting throne of power, it all boils down together with his very distinct style of creating a sober atmosphere, eventually merging closely into a narrative, visual masterpiece. If studied in general, his works basically possess a certain charm of cryptic mystery that works perfectly well as it is strengthened by his unique perception of disposing an opaque orchestration of figures as if they were stolen fragments from man’s individual dream state. And at some point, due to his detailed, technical depiction of phantasm-like imageries the usual illusion of a dream state resurges into a nightmare entity that plagues both the demarcated worlds of reality and anti-reality. The artist’s works are also evolving both in style and concept as he slowly matures into his career....

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