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Gerard Geer - "Lace Jellyfish 2" - assorted mouse, snake, bird bones & wire in glass dome


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Lace Jellyfish 2
Assorted mouse, snake and bird bones, and wire on American Oak base in glass dome.
16cm diameter x 22cm high (6.3” x 8.7”)
Gerard Geer (Australia) is a Melbourne based sculptural artist with an insatiable curiosity for the anatomical inner workings of all things organic. Predominately using animal bones as his medium, his work combines skeletal articulation, chemistry, and fantasy to create intricately articulated works that conjure a slightly distorted reflection of nature. The cyclical processes of nature are reflected in Geer’s work. Just as animal remains decompose and nourish the environment, ultimately being redistributed into their ecological system, so too do his creations. Their bones are akin to building blocks, and on a chemical and physical level; are taken apart and reassembled into new forms. Through this process he breathes new life into the medium he works with, to create pieces that explore ideas of impermanence, mortality and rebirth.

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