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Peter Ferguson, Luca Tripaldi and Sandra Signe - “In Sharik's Dream” - mixed media - 33 x 33 x 43.2cm (13”x13”x17”)


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In Sharik's Dream

Mixed media

33 x 33 x  43.2cm (13”x13”x17”)

Peter Ferguson (Canada) was born in Montreal in 1968. After graduating from the Ontario College of Art and Design in Toronto in 1992, he began his career as a professional illustrator. Currently with Three in a Box Inc., his clients include Marvel Comics, the Royal Shakespeare Company and newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune and the Los Angeles Times. Ferguson is also a highly sought-after fine artist whose vividly imaginative works read like a lucid dream of an alternate history, recalling the aesthetic of Dutch Renaissance painting, old National Geographic photography and 18th-century British naval history. Combining grandiose, darkly humorous narratives of the great ages of exploration with a distinctly paranormal bent, Ferguson’s work subtly straddles the lines between fantasy, surrealism, and realism.

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